Unleashing Janus, is a journey telling of the birth of a conscious machine and the hopes for a new world. The creators of this intelligent machine, code-named Janus, are a secret society of dedicated hackers. Many fear their creation; others, led by a mysterious agency, will stop at nothing to control it. The story centers around the life of one member of this secret society, Alex. Just as the creation is about to be unleashed, a developing romance forces Alex to choose between her dream and the love she has yearned for. Unleashing Janus incorporates humor, action, intrigue and a realistic portrayal of the struggle to develop AI. Now available in eBook format Here

Unleashing Janus takes readers through a secret society of hackers who dream of making artificial intelligence (AI) a reality and a covert government organization that will stop at nothing to seize control of their work. As battle ensues between the two groups, two people in particular find their lives tangled by a budding romance and the common goal, the shared dream of a new and better world.

As the story begins readers are introduced to a secret society, the Bletchley Group, one of its members, Alex, and the fact that she is apparently on the run from the government. A second character, Josh, emerges on the scene as the employee of a data broker company. His new assignment is to run a database search on a list of names using an enormously powerful search engine with shocking intelligence, code-named Janus. Whereas Josh is initially doubtful of his co-worker Travis’s claim that Janus embodies true AI, he begins to raise questions when one of the people on the list he ran the search on is killed under mysterious circumstances. Alex, Travis’s ex-girlfriend, is also on the list. The plot thickens as Josh’s questions regarding the list of names are silenced by his superiors, he receives a surprise visit at home by a stranger, the office gets destroyed by an explosion, and Travis disappears.

Fearing the worst for Alex and following the request Travis left behind, Josh seeks Alex out, and finds himself thrust into the middle of a hidden war. Josh also becomes fixated with Janus, the machine that knows everything about everyone. Ominously, Janus foretells of a brand new world of total information awareness for corporations and governments alike, where privacy of personal information no longer exists. While Josh and Alex unite to attempt to uncover the identify of the person behind the search on the one hundred names, they become fugitives from mysterious men who quite simply want them dead. What follows is a romance, and the story continues as they struggle to come to terms with their love for each other and the unfolding mystery surrounding them.